Sunday, 23 May 2010

White iPhone G4 is U.G.L.Y

So another string of leaks relating to the new iPhone coming out of China. This time relating to a white iPhone. Now a friend of mine has always favoured the white iPhone. "iPods we're white, the iPhone is the best iPod ever made, it should be white." And I could see his point.

Unfortunately, by making the front of the new iPhone white also, you're left with the same problem the white PSP had. Smooth white lines, big ugly black screen when the screen is off. Which certainly spoils the 2001-esque monolith look the new iPhone enjoys.

I really can't say it's a good look! although I'm sure people will disagree. I wonder though if the people buying the new white iphone (If released in its current leaked state.) would be buying it because they really honestly like the look, or just to be different from the pack.


  1. Yeah, can't say I'll be adopting my "iPods must be white" stance on that one - as you say, the black screen and white surround is just wron

  2. I think by now, ppl with black iPhone are the distinguished ppl, the outstanding ones. White iPhones, make noobs feel like sheep. Hehe. And frankly white iPhone looks like .... rubbish.