Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Review: Brewzer Beer Tool from PocketToolX

Today I was enjoying myself in the sunshine, and opening my beers with a Brewzer from PocketToolX. A very pleasant surprise, as thanks to a certain Icelandic volcano that shall remain nameless (They know who they are.) the shipping from the States had been somewhat delayed. 

According to its manufacturer  this will be the "Only keychain bottle opener that you will ever need." and on top of that it packs five different uses into its frame. So in honour of its American made heritage off I went to Asda for some Budweiser and some MGD for a test.

First thing is, this thing is small. 2.5" long. This is definitely not a pry bar with a bottle opener, this is a key-ring bottle opener with a small pry tip. But it feels very sturdy and nicely solid in the hand. According to the manufacturer it weighs 16grams, and it certainly feels like it has weight to it. The Brewzer is made from 154CM stainless steel, which is a tough American made premium steel, though I'm relying on the internets for that snippet as I'm no metallurgist. 

Because of its size, it really only comes into its own when attached to a set of keys, in my 'exhaustive' tests it definitely felt easier to snap the top off when holding a bunch of keys behind the Brewzer.  Compared to other slim tooth and hook style bottle openers I have used over the years, this one really is the best. The tooth of the bottle opener hooked solidly under the lip of the cap, and in 8 bottles opened, not a single one took more than one try, no teasing the edge around to lift these caps like with a Beer Key. Hook, lift, pop. considering its slender size I was very surprised.

So thats its primary function getting flying colours. What about the other four? Well, the flat head screwdriver tip... It's a screwdriver. Nothing more for me to say. The pry tip was perfect for slicing its way into the plastic wrap around a crate of Carlsberg, and was equally competent at tearing its way into the carboard crate. Which brings me to that notch tip, why open the Carlsberg? I needed a can. And yes, it works perfectly to add a breather into a can for shotgunning. (mayblogmaynot reminds you to drink responsibly. Beer is for enjoying, not just downing to get you drunk!*)

The Brewzer isn't a cheap bottle opener. But at 19$ it's great value for a machined tool of this type. It's been well made, the finish is smooth and it opens beers quickly and easily. Its nearest competition would be from Peter Atwood, either a Ghost or a Brewdriver. And while those boast a titanium frame in a similar size package, who knows when they will be available again. Besides that, they're also three times the Brewzers price. 

I'm more than pleased to have this addition to my keyring. This is a great beer tool. I'm certainly satisfied that I wont need another bottle opener, unless I lose my keys again! Which was what started this quest for a new bottle opener in the first place.

*Actually, that is pretty much all Bud is good for. What I wouldn't give for some Kokanee Gold.

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