Sunday, 21 February 2010

Video Calling Hooks found in iPhone 3.2 SDK. Phone sex addicts rejoice, rest of world. Meh.

So 9to5mac continue to tear through the new iPhone SDK that will be found in the new iPad, and they've found icons and software strings that point to video chat functionality. Obviously the whole iPhone world is now ablaze.

The iPad could certainly do with some extra features to pad out it's roster, (no pun intended.) The rumours abound of a front facing camera visible in the unit his Jobness demoed on stage, and a camera, hopefully one forwards and backwards facing, would make it stand out as more than just a large iPod Touch.

But any fanboy who is raving and ranting that this will revitalise interest into video calling, needs to stop, pull his head outta Apples ass, and accept the reality. Not a chance in hell. Sure its better than it used to be, o2 in the UK now charge the same for video calls as they do for voice calls, but at 20p per minute, and separate from the included minutes... Nothing more than a novelty.

Sure phone sex would be mildly more interesting but at 20p a minute... Actually, 90 seconds worth wouldn't add up to too much per month, Bring it on!

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