Saturday, 14 August 2010

Man Up.

I was reading my Twitter feed. (As one does these days.) As I did so something posted by the folks over at Picturecool caught my eye, seemed poignant. Someone, who I would love to credit but Picturecool rarely link to the source, had created this image. It was pretty cool but the slogan was a bit harsh for my liking. Hardness, does not necessarily equal goodness, or manliness, in my eyes. 

So I tracked down the original photo (Taken by Robert F. Sargent, I found a copy here.) And I created my own simpler, more straightforward version for my iPad, inspired by the original wallpaper. An iPad wallpaper to remind us all. (Not just the men.) That hey, just get on with whatever you are doing, it's really not that terrible. You could be asked to do much, much more.

(Click for larger size)

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