Friday, 12 March 2010

Beer + Oxygen = Less hangover? Awesome, I breathe oxygen!

Turns out last week was very exciting time for beer drinkers everywhere. As New Scientist reports that some clever and presumably hard drinking scientists in South Korea have discovered that adding oxygen to beer reduces the time it takes to sober up.

I'm definitely all for that. After Wednesday night's five pints of Asahi and Thursday morning's inability to, well, move, anything that speeds up that horrible feeling of lingering drunkeness before the sweet sweet hangover starts is fine by me.

And I realise that Asahi is Japanese, not South Korean, but I went with Asahi for two reasons. One, extra oxygen in that Asahi would've been appreciated on Wednesday. Two, I couldn't find any photos for Cass, Hite or OB that featured that bastion of beer promotion, the bikini girl.

And speaking of bikini girls. The next time you're at a beach with a drink in your hand, and an attractive young lady comes up to you asking for opener, You could do worse than have one of these Happy Hour watches on your wrist.

Analogue and Digital displays, Japanese Quartz movement, wide leather band, and very importantly, the crazy buckle that opens bottles. Meaning you'll never be without an opener even in board shorts and flip flops. Just be careful after a few brews down the line. Nothing says smooth operator like taking charge of a girls unopened beer, gripping it manfully into your watch, then smacking the bottle into her teeth as the cap comes off a little easier than you expected. 

You know it'll happen, be honest.

Asahi girls via Flickr

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